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SMTOWN PARIS [Onew Ending]

you must see this.. Onew!! his always smile and smile :)

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ahh~ i hope i'm there~ in Paris..

Super Junior Eteuk & Yesung on sukira speak Indonesia and Japanese~

Leeteuk and Yesung speak Indonesia and Japanese..
Leeteuk speak Indon and Yesung speak Japan!
Check this out!! :)

Leeteuk said : Assalamualaikum! Nama saya E-teuk.. Nama saya Indonesia Kadir
[hahahah LOL]

Yesung : Don't know what he say~ I don't know Japanese :) Hehe
Korean only [chey]
but like Yesung laugh!! hahahah evil laugh~

Enjoy~ Annyeong ~.^

SHINee Taemin : Nervous time :) Dream Team !!

Annyeong~ today entry is simple.. just a video :) but you will love it :)
check it out Shawols!!

Taemin is so nervous!! but still can smile to his fans!
cute Taemin..

Taemin SHINee daebak!! ~.^

Super Junior #1 On Taiwanese Music Chart For 1 Year ~

Popular group Super Junior has made its mark on Taiwanese music chart history!

Boasting its ranks as one of the most representative Hallyu groups, Super Junior maintained its number one rank on the "Korean Music" sector of the biggest music charts in Taiwan, KKBOX, for the last week of May (May 22-28). That means that it's been one year--52 weeks-- that the group held onto that spot with the song "Bonamana", ever since its release the first week of June in 2010.

The Korean Music Chart used to be for both Korean and Japanese music until January of this year when it changed its focus to solely Korean music.

Super Junior achieved a similar although not as successful feat with their song "Sorry Sorry", which was number one for 36 weeks.

Source : KBS WORLD

p/s : Super Junior Fighting!! ~.^

Leader of SS501 Kim Hyun Joong goes back to school

Recent reports have indicated that singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong has started college earlier this year.

Kim entered Cheongwoon University located in Hongseong of South Chungcheong Province this past March to study performance planning management. The popular "flower boy" star dropped out of high school to focus on his music career and has pushed his education to the back burner. Until now.

Keeping it a secret from the public, Kim has been juggling his studies and career, having already have taken his midterm exam. According to an agency rep, "All the while prepping for his solo album release, he managed to also prep for his exam. Despite the fact that his school and recording studio are quite far from each other, he's been cutting back on his sleep to get both done."

Kim got into Chungwoon University through a professor recommendation. He received credit not only for his singing experience, but his roles in dramas. A rep divulged, "Kim didn't want a lot of people to know about him going back to school. He wanted to study as an ordinary student among his peers."

The leader of SS501 will officially launch his career as a solo singer by holding a showcase on June 7th at the Jang-choong Gymnasium in Seoul.

Source : KBS WORLD