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News!! News!! News!! Must read~

Hello world!
you all must read this, maybe some of you have read this.. but i need to write this again!
LeeTeuk and HeeChul of Super Junior to enlist in army 2012..
have you all know that??

igeo mwoya??
in the midst of promoting their new song,
member of Super Junior have been released who's next up in leaving for the military.

LeeTeuk and HeeChul
announced their plans on enlisting for their compulsory military duties~~
LeeTeuk and HeeChul,
both of them were born in 1983, making them 28 this year!!
Korean laws state that man who are 29, required to enlist..
Shirheo!!! Andwae!!

BTW, there are no other sepecific details were released.
but it seem their 5th album will be their last before the enlistment!
Super Junior also revealed plans for a world tour before enlistment~

*then, what will happen to the other member of Super Junior??
they are decreasing!!
first Hankyung, then Kibum and Kangin..
then LeeTeuk and HeeChul??

hoping for the recent news~

leave you with Super Junior new song~

Cr : SM ENTertainment

News Source : KBS World

Story Morry ~ ^^

Assalamualaikum and Hi world :D..
waaa~ long time no update huh? 음~ the reason is.. i've been back to school.. *sigh*

what to do.. huhu, this is the way you all want (맞죠?)..
want to know where school i attend to? it's SMK (A) Mohamad Ali Ranau (form 6) whuu~ my mind don't want to study again..
it's to hard..아프! 그거 알아?.. but, what can i do now? it's nothing.. i just need to cont my journey..even hard, must through it!!

no more korean update i know..huhu, just a little maybe (?) hoho.. especially for Kpop news.. SHINee!! SuJu!! nah~ no more.. *sob*sob* =.="
also can't "talk-talk" to my chingu, Ziela a.k.a 서야나..
우리는 친구친한 친구! ㅎㅎㅎ

btw, i need to say that our subject is too tough! STPM subject very tough~ i admit it.. geez.. before this, we just take   5sub :-

Bahasa Arab
Pengajian Am

that all..
but, suddenly my friend text me :
"do you know, our subject was added! and it's Bahasa Melayu"

ohh gosh~ why? 여기서 뭐하는거야?! ..
why must add that sub? aigoo..
이건 너무 성가!!

tuttt tuttt.. >mood change<
da alji?? i still haven't returned to the hostel! haha..
actually have to go back on Sunday, but I do not! I will be back on this Saturday! hahah.. funny thing! what to do? just let it happen lahh~ this is once in a lifetime i will do.. hoho..

that all i want to tell you all (....) hehe
i'll update my blog next time~ seeya..
안녕! 알아서 ~