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Counting Days is Menghitung Hari

Assalamualaikum. Segala puji hanya untuk Allah. Selawat dan salam keatas kekasih Allah, Nabi Muhammad SAW.
Nah. Exam week is done but my friends and I didn't go back to Sabah. This is because we still have a program next week.
So what? We've to accept that our semester holiday which is 1month will be just 2week instead. Haahh! Who you're, please aware darl. Its a future degree holder student life's somehow. So please came to your sense! =.="
But, what I've to say here is we've been through a bored day in here. What a damn bored day! Argh! Its just like.. Sleep wakeup eat watching movie checking smartphone updating status tweeting something youtubing. Eh? Haha. Its such a bored thing to do repeatedly. Oh gosh!
This feeling just now like... Ahh why the day seems too slow to end up?! What I want now just "Balik Sabah, Keningau is calling me!"
So please aware dear ELSP and ALSP. I'm sorry but I'm not in mood with the two of you now. But really,I'll try to finish you two successfully. Hopefully. Thank you.
The homesickness,