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Super Junior M will be in Malaysia this May 28,2011

woottt!! what is THIS?? SJM will be in Malaysia this May..OMG~ [excited excited]hoho..
this news already confirmed! this for real [if NOT, not ME] mwahaha..
Super Junior M, will hold a free concert on May 28 in conjunction with the Million Youth Association here.. [mean Malaysia] so say yea!! 
i'm sure many fan are so excited and can't wait it, machi?? hoho.. who are excited?? tell me??
and for you all information too, that concert is fo FREE yoo~ this is for real..woahhh~~ freee~ really want to go~  eotteokhae??nadu shipeoooo!! uwaaa~ how can i go there~never mind =.=
ok friends..don't sad sad.. chill yo ~ ok then,leave you with this video of SJM~


its already 3:12a.m i'm going to sleep zzzZZzz~
keureom na galkkeyo! Annyeong~ muahh  to me..heheh~ bYe~
for more information click

I just receive AWARD~!!! proud~ ^^

Long time no update this blog~ aigo0.. my pity blog~ lalala.. ^^
no idea to share..BTW, look like my follower are growing~mwehehe..i LIKE~
even a bit but I'm happy! ^^ tQ to who has followed me~
this is for you all who has followed me^^

not sweeter~sweetest than candy!! ^^ tQ for being my follower~

and this is what i receive from this chingu~ Masyitah Azzahra ^^ gomawoyo chingu!!

Thanks CHINGU!! ^^

haaah!! to you all.. "rajin-rajinkanlah memFOLLOW rakan2 blog anda" who know you all will receive a award too.. hehe.. ok then, just it i want to share to you all..when i have an idea or something i want to share,i will share~ mwahaha..

그럼, 제가 갈께요!  알아서 .. 안녕[keureom, jega galkkeyo! da alaseo..annyeong!]

UPLOADED: First batch of Drum & Dance photos are out! See if your drummer or dancer friends are in~

heheh!! who here use SOX or UOX?? mwehhehe..check this out friends..are you LIKE LOVE KNOW CHAMPIONS in dancing?? wooott~ this is a first batch of drum and dance.. the photos are out guys~!! want to know if your dancer and drummer friend are in????
check it here  

Malaysia has been infected!!! See what this mystery symbol is all about.. Check it Out!~

whoosh??!! What this symbol mean? Malaysian has been infected by THAT mysterious SYMBOL..
can you predict what is that??? maybe some of you already know what that symbol mean..but, for more information...seems its good if you go to the site where you can find out what id that..come On!!
curious,huh?so click this  


We're gonna party like it's your birthday!

To celebrate 3 years of growing the community, is giving gifts to Malaysians across the social media! Macbook Air, Samsung Plasma TV, iPhone 4, Canon SLR, iPad 2, Lomokit, trip to South Korea, IKEA room makeover, front row tickets to Justin Bieber's concert, shopping sprees to TopShop, Forever21, MNG etc... you have to see the full list. Good things are meant to be shared. Happy 3rd Birthday, everyone!
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SHINee [Fact]: SHINee – FLY Kanken Bag Auction Spring Catalog [PHOTOS]

shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
SHINee – FLY Kanken Bag Auction Spring Catalog

shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
Onew, Taemin, Minho & Key
shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor

shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
Onew & Minho

shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
Minho & Key

shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
Taemin & Key
shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
Taemin & Key

shinee photos FLY Kanken Bag Auction Sponsor
Onew, Taemin, Minho & Key

Source: Auction from megakpop

SHINee [Fact]: SHINee – FLY Kanken Bag Auction CF [VIDEO]

Source: stu123h

SHINee [Fact]: Key me2day Update with Photo [April 10, 2011]

Posted Image

APR 2011

[Key] 생일축하기념!!! 팬여러분과의 생일파티도 재밌었습니다! (내가 준 썬크림으로 피부미남 되세요.) 58분전

Translation: [Key] Commemoration of birthday celebration!! The birthday party with our fans was interesting!! (Become a pretty boy with the suncream that I gave)

Translate by: rong @ WRS from SHINee Worla Malaysia

Semakan Panggilan Temu Duga KPLSPM Ambilan Jun Ditunda~

Semakan nama calon berjaya ditemuduga bagi Kursus Perguruan Lepas Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (KPLSPM) Ambilan Jun 2011 telah dipinda ke 12 April 2011. Calon boleh membuat semakan dengan melayari laman sesawang KPM bermula 12 April 2011.

Harap maklum.

Source: Protal Rasmi Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia

Yuyu Zulaikha: Ferrero Rendom GiveAway~

Salam Semua.. ni ada yg menarik ni.. Jom intai~

Haa~ nmpak tk banner kt ats tu,,tu lh yg mnrikny tu..kkak ni [ Yuyu Zulaikha ] bt Ferrero Rendom best kn? ala best tk best, join je dulu.. sepa lh tw kang korang plak yg bertu'ah!~ ^^
jom join ramai2..lgi ramai lagi rugi pn lw join je~ feel free lar tuk join k.. nak join, just klik kt banner kt ats tu..senang jeu!
Lai Lai Lai~ ^ㅁ^

Believe it or NOT..Its the TruE~ LOL ^ㅇ^

I think this is first time THIS happen to me..haha..I'm kind of person who less interested to West artists and more interested to Korean artists..BUT!! why i suddenly too excited to this artist @justinbieber..ALL OF SUDDEN~~ lalalaㅋㅋㅋ..

I seem to be LOL!!haha..kabjagi wae?? na cincha micheosseo jigeum..aigoo aigoo..never mind lar..^^ [this is for my new experience~hehehe]
sorry for those read this post..just distrubing u all..mianhae.. maybe not too late for me to say "Fighting JB @justinbieber"
and for a big fan of Justin Bieber.. lets keep supporting JB..
just it i want to share..from now I'm a fan of JB also..I'm so proud!hahaha
[i can't stop laughing..^ㅁ^]

SHINee [Fact] : Taemin at SUKIRA

Painting by Taemin~ ㅋㅋㅋ

a staff : “태민아, 이게 뭐야?” ["Taemin-ah, ige mwoya?"]
[("Taemin,what is this?)"]
 : “(해맑게) 달이요!” ["(haemalkke) daliyo!"]
[(Innocently) it's a moon!]
a staff
 : “뭐? 다리라고?” ["Mwo? darirago?"]
(What? a leg?)
: “(해맑게) 아니~ 달! 달! 달이라고요~” ["(haemalkke) ani~dal! dal! daliragoyo~"]

[(Innocently) no~Moon!Moon!It’s a moon~]

Credit To: blackflow

Video created by ELF for Super Junior Eunhyuk~ Simple but has a million meanings .. touching ~

04 April,2011

Cr : PinoyELFs

: i like this video..simple but touching.. >ㅁ<
this is a video that make by an ELF for Eunhyuk @AllRiseSilver..
as a fan..what else we can do for them..It was very hard to meet them .. very difficult to give a gift too!
so,just this we can sad..BUT..
What "IF" you can meet Eunhyuk face to face?w0w!! can you all tell me??if i have a chance to meet Eunhyuk..Uwaahh~ i cant imagine what will i do..hahaha..LOL
BTW~ please enjoy with this video..

Super Junior : Twitter Update Eunhyuk Birthday~

 Eun Hyuk 

으하하하하하하하........하하하ㅏ하......ㅏ하하하하....하하.....하........ㅎ.........더럽게 행복하네.................ㅋㅋㅋ 

Firstly, Happy Birthday to Eunhyuk oppa @AllRiseSilver..huhu.. don't know what else to say.. Finally uri Eunhyuk tweeted on twitter.. so happy when he tweet..many fan also happy..LOL.. this is his first tweet..

and this is his second tweet on twitter..

did you understand what the picture mean..hehe LOL

with his finger on his lips HUH? ^^

to point fingers at who is it?? =,="

 Eun Hyuk 

생일맞이 사진 투척!!!!!! 은혁이는 이렇게 미술감상도 하며 잘 지내고 있습니다 uri Eunhyuk oppa just only make two tweet..ㅠ_ㅠ
how sad..please make more more and more tweet please Eunhyuk oppa @AllRiseSilver..
say *saengil chugha haeyo Eunhyukui oppa!*
be healthy and be cool always..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ LOL ^ㅁ^

Full Credit & Sources: Super Junior Eunhyuk's Twitter

SHINee [Fact] : Onew me2day update

Posted Image

[온유] 안녕하세요^^ 우리 선데이누님이! 오페라에 도전한다고 합니다.^^ '오페라'라는 종목? 하하~ 장르죠~ 들으면 정말 눈물이 왈칵하는 좋은 음악이라 생각해요~ 사실 저도 한판 크게 벌였다가~ 암튼~ 우리 선데이누나 응원해요! 오페라스타~ 선데이누나 화이팅~! 11/03/31 21:31pm

Translate: [Onew] Hello ^^ Our Sunday noona! Heard that you will challenge a musical ^^ An "Opera" event? Haha~ it should be the content~ I think it would be a good product (music) that will make people cry a lot~ Actually I've tried before~ But anyway~ I want to support our Sunday noona! Opera star~ Sunday noona fighting~!