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SHINee ~ Debut 3rd Anniversary !!

As time went on that way~
today May 25, 2011. what is that?
it has been an exact 3years since SHINee has debut.

yeah!! SHINee Key also has posted on the UFO at this special day!!
CR: As tagged
"3rd anniversary! Time go by so fast ~ ha ha! Because of you we are blessing to this day.We’re just beginning ~ ^ ^ in the future we will create a better time! I love you"

beside that, they also have updated their official SM board!!
CR: As tagged
"Hello everyone~ We are SHINING SHINee! today is SHINee’s debut for 3 years anniversary ! Because of all SHAWOLS loving us, we have enjoy the 3 years together, sincerely thanks everyone. ^^ "

this is an extra!! SM Entertainment has uploaded a video an their official youtube channel~
5 shining SHINee saying their feeling because can go THIS far~ ^^ check below :) 

CR: SM Entertainment
to SHINee~ congratulations because reach to this point!! Keep it going Onew oppa, Jonghyun oppa, Key oppa, Minho oppa and Taeminnie :)
we all love you all!! Thanks for hard work for us :)
we all so proud to SHINee!!
and to Shawols : let's us keep supporting SHINee !!
SHINee Hwaiting!!

Source / chinese translation : Luckkey @ weibo

Trans: linyin@soompi

English translation : forever_shinee 

Just Pictures Today [ B1A4 ] Yeah!!

Start to LOVE B1A4 ~~ :)


"Be The One, All For One"








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Idol Stars Who Are Now Of Age In Korea

Every year, the third Monday of every May is "Coming-Of-Age Day" in Korea. This is when people who turn 20 years of age -- the official adult age in Korea -- celebrate this milestone. This year, there were 16 popular idol stars that were born in the year 1991, marking this year as their "coming-of-age year".

First up, there's the youngest member (aka "maknae" in Korean) of Girls Generation, Seo-hyun. She shared, "I'm so happy because I started receiving interest and love from so many people even before it was Coming-Of-Age Day. I'm so thankful for everyone who stood by me and cheered me on as I advanced throughout the years and even congratulated me as I've reached this adult age. I'm a bit embarassed of the immature side of me that I've shown, but now that I'm an adult, I'll try to show more responsibility and a proactive attitude as I grow. I want to have even bigger dreams and challenge myself."

Another singer is the charismatic leader of 2NE1, CL, who is now of age. She expressed her thoughts as well on this special day with a bright smile, "I want to be a kid forever. Please treat me like a kid."

Miss A's Min was also born in 1991. She said, "It hasn't hit me that I've already hit 20. I'll try to show that much more responsibility through my actions now that I'm an adult."

The leader of new rookie group A Pink, Park Cho-rong is also now 20. She shared, "For some reason I do feel more responsibility now that I'm really an adult...although I still feel like a young girl. I'll try to be an adult-like leader who does her best! I didn't expect congratulations to come my way, but was so moved by the fans who have already started sending me perfume and roses. I think it'll be an especially meaningful Coming-Of-Age Day."

Aside from these ladies, there's also Nana of After School, Super Star K 2 finalist Jang Jain, Jin-woon of 2AM, Minho and Key of SHINee, Lee Jung-shin and Kang Min-hyuk of CNBLUE, Son Dong-woon of BEAST, MBLAQ's Mir, Lee Jae-jin of FT Island, Hyo-rin of SISTAR, Ga-ram and Hyun-min of The Boss, Park Hyung-shik of ZE:A, Infinite's Nam Woo-hyun and Ho-ya and Lee Sung-yeol, Dal*Shabet's Ji-yool and Ah-young, Dalmatian's Daniel, and five members of UKISS : Kevin, Eli, Ki-seop, Hoon, and AJ.

Text CR to : KBS WORLD

Another Kpop News! BEAST-Fiction MV Releases

Wow~ so many new about Kpop that newesttt!
I'm sure all of Kpop lover in preasure now. Why? you all know the reason.
many SHAWOL, ELF, B2UTIES, what else?? they may being crazy..

SHINee Japan Debut[Replay Jap Ver]=will be released on Jun 22,2011
Super Junior Japan 1st album[Bonamana]=will be released on Jun 8,2011

And this is BEAST!! they Fiction MV has been releases. So hurry and Check this video out.
Click the button to see!! 발리!!

So how is it? do you like it B2UTIES??
anyway I love it too!! BEAST go go!!
All Kpop lover randomly so happy now[Very Sure]

Super Junior-Bonamana Japanese [Bijin] 1st Japanese Single Album

슈퍼 주니어 펜도~~~^^
just want to share this-->> Super Junior Bonamana in Japanese Version
[Taeser Audio]

how it is?? cool, huh? so, just wait till the full version released!
can't wait~ how about you all?
슈퍼 주니어 화이팅 !!~ ^^

Super junior @ Bijin

샤이니!! [SHINee]

Salam.. hello everyone~ annyeong yeoreobun!!
entry today is simple but may make you all screammmm!! and say~ OMG he so cute.. he handsome!! and then feel your heartbeat~[dub dab!dub dab!] couse you all will see this~ SHINee - 「Replay -君は僕のeverything-」Teaser

dying to wait!! will be released on June 22,2011.. they are soo... haaa what to say..  them all!! More  to JongHyun and TaeMin!!!
What about yours???
show you 
to 5 Shining SHINee!!
SHINee Hwaiting!

SHINee~ ^^ *MINHO*

hehe..want to add some video of SHINee Minho and Onew.. Key too~
*Stand bY mE*
~Flaming charisma MinHo~
Cr: Minhoney

LOOK at MinHo!!what to say?OmO!!
this is sooo..can't say it!!^^
just take a look~ :)
Cr: Minhoney

* hello *
MinHo Smilinggg!! ^^

pOwerful Leader Onew!!
onew onew onew!!
Cr: vivioncifer by Only Onew

cuteee Onew!! watch this^^
Cr: Onewside

Cr: OnewStyle

oke ^ㅁ^ thats all.. i will post a video next time..hehe
hope you all like~!!
keep supporting SHINee!! Daebak! ChilL~~ ^^

SHINee~ ^^

Today I don't want to talk talk more~ hehe.. just want to share some video of SHINee~

* repLay *
powerful Taemin ^^

* heLLo *

* sTand by mE *
Taemin again ^^
All above Vid CR to: taemday0718

You all must see this.. ^^ you heart will completely melt!! Jeongmal~
Bling Bling JongHyun!! love you oppa[ jinjja michesseo!]

Kwiyeopta JongHyun!!
like like like !! ^^
Cr to: anjutenshi

JongHyun again!!
Cr: Jhyun

okey this is last!! Key eye contact~ ^^
Cr: gyapower07 by KAU

that for today..hehe..if you want more SHINee video..Just go to YouTube
kamsahaeyo~ hope you like it.. keep supporting SHINee!! ^^

What entry today?? ^^ Mollaseo~

This is a simple entry chingus~ just simple and what entry today:120: huhu i don't know :face34: actually this post just for "suka-suka" hahah :face18: ..ok what to say now? ok i want to tell you all that this May 07,2011 mean this Saturday.. i need to go to the interview..huu have no experience~hohoho..  WHO CAN HELP ME?? nan eotteokhae?? :k: so all,who is stopped by here,please pray for me~

hehehe~ love you all.. before that i want to share some pics for you..hope you all will like and enjoy~

*Leadre Onew*

*Magnae Taemin*

** OnTae **

The CRI Show 2011: Jang Geun Suk in Malaysia

Interested in Jang Geun Suk acting in the drama <He's Beautiful> and <Mary Stayed Out All Night> ?this is good news! JGS will hold The CRI Show 2011 in Malaysia! Wow! Finally, the desire to see JGS will fulfilled .. happy~ hehehe..

The CRI Show 2011 will be held at KLCC Plenary Hall on Jun 04,2011..
Don't miss to meet with JGS..Geun Suk who is always singing the OST for the drama playing well known by all fans of JGS, Geun Suk has issued its first album in Japan. And for you all information, JGS has issued its first EP <Lounge H> in Asia! Who's excited??!! ^^