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Super Junior SS3 Malaysia

wow~ss3 has been passed  but many ELf can't forgot about it..its SUJU power..spirit also~haha
as i'v survy at my twitter[AeChan07] its so many SUJU ELf tweet about ss3..they've see SUJU LIve~!! owh noo..nadu shipeo(i want too)..but how can i..tatatat..soooo jelessss~ if you want to know about ss3 Malaysis you can go here~ heechulfacts or sujuquote or here~mysj_malaysia haaaa~there is more information you can i want to share some video of SS3 Malaysia that taken by who at there(SS3 Malaysia of course~~)..

upLoad by:lindateng02

OMO!! look At Donghae~ he take a photo with the lucky them..
tha BIG (huh)!!![disappointed]hUhUhU.. when who is posting this post can't go and do like them..
Dissatisfied Me~~!!arghhh.. if I have a chance~~what IF???gezZ~

Want another video?? thiss thiss~~

upLoad by:lindateng02

ChinCha!!how close they with who take this video~~jeloUse again!ㅋㅋㅋ
waa~they must be sooo haengbok..LIVE wif SUJU..can record the moment that can't be forget..huUU..
hope someday I can meet them face to face..hhahhaa..HOPE HOPE HOPE~~anywhere,,thanks to michtlsyenyen_027yesungworld and the other wif you LIVE information bout Super Junior SS3 Malaysia..Feel like I'm there(hahaha..owh yeah????).. Kamsahabnida~

p/s: my english is little broken!! please understand.. DONT laugh okeh!!

masisske deuseyo~!

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