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This Is Always Happen to Me~ =.="

Hi all..[typing dis post with ㅠ_ㅠ]..
first of all..i want to say *sorry* to my friend..i'm really sorry..
"apa lg sy bleh bt dgn keadaan sy yg mcm ni..even sy mw blik rmh pn kkdg ssh, sy xmmpu bt apa2 lg, sy hny mrncg ja tp yg tntukan tu bkn sy..mybe im wrong here..make a yaksuk with someone,i'll nvr make IT again,, just causing problem with me and my,nvr yaksuk gateun eojjeomyeon better dont know anything from my chingu..especially yg berkaitan dgn yaksuk yaksuk ni..more better if i knoe wif my self..bila ingat blik,hal mcm ni dh brulg kali jd dkt sy..[Oh Allah~wae naega ulgi shijak haesseoyo?keumanhae jigeum..jebal~] sad to think it again and again and chincha jal mothaeyo!! paboya~paboya!!
정밀 미안해~

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