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Video created by ELF for Super Junior Eunhyuk~ Simple but has a million meanings .. touching ~

04 April,2011

Cr : PinoyELFs

: i like this video..simple but touching.. >ㅁ<
this is a video that make by an ELF for Eunhyuk @AllRiseSilver..
as a fan..what else we can do for them..It was very hard to meet them .. very difficult to give a gift too!
so,just this we can sad..BUT..
What "IF" you can meet Eunhyuk face to face?w0w!! can you all tell me??if i have a chance to meet Eunhyuk..Uwaahh~ i cant imagine what will i do..hahaha..LOL
BTW~ please enjoy with this video..

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