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Another Kpop News! BEAST-Fiction MV Releases

Wow~ so many new about Kpop that newesttt!
I'm sure all of Kpop lover in preasure now. Why? you all know the reason.
many SHAWOL, ELF, B2UTIES, what else?? they may being crazy..

SHINee Japan Debut[Replay Jap Ver]=will be released on Jun 22,2011
Super Junior Japan 1st album[Bonamana]=will be released on Jun 8,2011

And this is BEAST!! they Fiction MV has been releases. So hurry and Check this video out.
Click the button to see!! 발리!!

So how is it? do you like it B2UTIES??
anyway I love it too!! BEAST go go!!
All Kpop lover randomly so happy now[Very Sure]

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