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SHINee ~ Debut 3rd Anniversary !!

As time went on that way~
today May 25, 2011. what is that?
it has been an exact 3years since SHINee has debut.

yeah!! SHINee Key also has posted on the UFO at this special day!!
CR: As tagged
"3rd anniversary! Time go by so fast ~ ha ha! Because of you we are blessing to this day.We’re just beginning ~ ^ ^ in the future we will create a better time! I love you"

beside that, they also have updated their official SM board!!
CR: As tagged
"Hello everyone~ We are SHINING SHINee! today is SHINee’s debut for 3 years anniversary ! Because of all SHAWOLS loving us, we have enjoy the 3 years together, sincerely thanks everyone. ^^ "

this is an extra!! SM Entertainment has uploaded a video an their official youtube channel~
5 shining SHINee saying their feeling because can go THIS far~ ^^ check below :) 

CR: SM Entertainment
to SHINee~ congratulations because reach to this point!! Keep it going Onew oppa, Jonghyun oppa, Key oppa, Minho oppa and Taeminnie :)
we all love you all!! Thanks for hard work for us :)
we all so proud to SHINee!!
and to Shawols : let's us keep supporting SHINee !!
SHINee Hwaiting!!

Source / chinese translation : Luckkey @ weibo

Trans: linyin@soompi

English translation : forever_shinee 

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