clickMe :)

Its truly me :) sahraniemohamah..


SHINee~ ^^ *MINHO*

hehe..want to add some video of SHINee Minho and Onew.. Key too~
*Stand bY mE*
~Flaming charisma MinHo~
Cr: Minhoney

LOOK at MinHo!!what to say?OmO!!
this is sooo..can't say it!!^^
just take a look~ :)
Cr: Minhoney

* hello *
MinHo Smilinggg!! ^^

pOwerful Leader Onew!!
onew onew onew!!
Cr: vivioncifer by Only Onew

cuteee Onew!! watch this^^
Cr: Onewside

Cr: OnewStyle

oke ^ㅁ^ thats all.. i will post a video next time..hehe
hope you all like~!!
keep supporting SHINee!! Daebak! ChilL~~ ^^

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