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Story Morry ~ ^^

Assalamualaikum and Hi world :D..
waaa~ long time no update huh? 음~ the reason is.. i've been back to school.. *sigh*

what to do.. huhu, this is the way you all want (맞죠?)..
want to know where school i attend to? it's SMK (A) Mohamad Ali Ranau (form 6) whuu~ my mind don't want to study again..
it's to hard..아프! 그거 알아?.. but, what can i do now? it's nothing.. i just need to cont my journey..even hard, must through it!!

no more korean update i know..huhu, just a little maybe (?) hoho.. especially for Kpop news.. SHINee!! SuJu!! nah~ no more.. *sob*sob* =.="
also can't "talk-talk" to my chingu, Ziela a.k.a 서야나..
우리는 친구친한 친구! ㅎㅎㅎ

btw, i need to say that our subject is too tough! STPM subject very tough~ i admit it.. geez.. before this, we just take   5sub :-

Bahasa Arab
Pengajian Am

that all..
but, suddenly my friend text me :
"do you know, our subject was added! and it's Bahasa Melayu"

ohh gosh~ why? 여기서 뭐하는거야?! ..
why must add that sub? aigoo..
이건 너무 성가!!

tuttt tuttt.. >mood change<
da alji?? i still haven't returned to the hostel! haha..
actually have to go back on Sunday, but I do not! I will be back on this Saturday! hahah.. funny thing! what to do? just let it happen lahh~ this is once in a lifetime i will do.. hoho..

that all i want to tell you all (....) hehe
i'll update my blog next time~ seeya..
안녕! 알아서 ~

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