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Super Junior M will be in Malaysia this May 28,2011

woottt!! what is THIS?? SJM will be in Malaysia this May..OMG~ [excited excited]hoho..
this news already confirmed! this for real [if NOT, not ME] mwahaha..
Super Junior M, will hold a free concert on May 28 in conjunction with the Million Youth Association here.. [mean Malaysia] so say yea!! 
i'm sure many fan are so excited and can't wait it, machi?? hoho.. who are excited?? tell me??
and for you all information too, that concert is fo FREE yoo~ this is for real..woahhh~~ freee~ really want to go~  eotteokhae??nadu shipeoooo!! uwaaa~ how can i go there~never mind =.=
ok friends..don't sad sad.. chill yo ~ ok then,leave you with this video of SJM~


its already 3:12a.m i'm going to sleep zzzZZzz~
keureom na galkkeyo! Annyeong~ muahh  to me..heheh~ bYe~
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